Basic Website

Many people need help getting even the most basic website up and running. Sure you can do it all yourself…but sometimes you need a little expert help to get your website up and looking how you want it to. There are many steps you should perform before you even get started on a website. Look at the checklist to get your foot in the door. If it’s still techno babble to you, I am available to get your website running at a reasonable fee. Currently, I’m specializing in creating secure, responsive and mobile friendly WordPress websites. Contact me for a consultation using the “contact us” link.

Template Installation

Perhaps you already have a website or you have an empty WordPress website. You have done a lot of research and found a template you like. Maybe you have already purchased theme template. But what do you do now? This is where I can help you. I’ll install the template for you, change the logo to your current logo, and change the background color or font colors if needed.

Template Customization

If you already have your template installed, but there are some other customizations you want (such as adding a calendar, additional forms, embedded media, portfolio/photo gallery, etc.) please contact me and I can consult with you about your needs. Or if you need to refresh your website to make it mobile friendly, you got it, contact me.

Website Updates

For those that have an existing website, some updates may need to be done. Contact me if those simple updates wind up being more of a frustration.