Chantele Parker
Chantele Parker | President/CEO

“The Team” consists of me. I have been programming since the mid 90’s with an emphasis in Web application development for 20+ years. I love seeing beautiful websites (I’ll try sharing some that inspire me on my blog). I cringe every time I come across a website that’s outdated or just not designed well. I understand not everyone has the money to have a custom built website from scratch. I enjoy web development and web design. I find it fairly easy to install templates, so I can perform this service for you OR to consult with you to help you find your best options.

Baby Girl
Baby Girl | Inspiration

My little baby is my daily, my latest, my greatest inspiration. 

Most of the time buying a template and installing it on your CMS seems like the best of both worlds. You get a nice looking website without spending $5K+. From my experience, I can understand when it is not easy to install various themes and templates. Sometimes the templates you purchase are well packaged and come with excellent, easy to follow instructions. Most of the time, that is not the case. Many templates require you to install multiple extra plugins and a bunch of configuration changes to get it somewhat resembling the live demo that made you purchase it. Alternatively, you can choose to have a unique, custom built website perfectly suited to your company. I partner with outstanding companies so that we can provide this service to you as well.


Contact us if you are ready to install a template on your website.  Custom built web application services are available within limited time constraints.