Oops! I broke it!

So I was working on a new website for a client and as always I have a tendency to use my own website as a testing playground.  Yep, you guessed it!  I broke my own website.   Subconsciously I think it may have been on purpose.  First of all, I always back up everything first.  This time I chose not to.

Why, why…for the love of God, WHY!  I don’t have time for this!

I’ve been thinking about changing my theme for well over a couple years now.  When I first started thinking about a one page website 3-4 years ago, this Solo theme was one of the few WordPress themes that was good looking, simple and gave me my one page website.  I wanted my website to have more of an infographic feel to it.  However, the theme didn’t have the option for a blog section.  I had cobbled up a solution that didn’t work the way I wanted, so I abandoned it while life got really hectic.   Now I realize my website has been looking dated for a while with all the Parallax and Revolution Slider awesomeness around.  Finding both the right theme and having time to update have been elusive.  Welp, today is one of the few days I have a few minutes of breathing time.  I found a theme I liked a couple months ago, so lets do this.

A little foreword of my thoughts…  I have to admit, I have been very impressed with the improvements WordPress has been making with their CMS.  They’ve made it immensely easier to navigate for non-designers and not just geared to create blogs anymore.   Also the improvements in security and the ease of automatic updates are huge improvements!  I’m also impressed with the WordPress communities development of themes.  There have been vast improvements in the capabilities and ease in incorporating a theme onto your WordPress site.  I’ve had great success with ThemeForest, so that’s my go to place to check out the latest themes.

Back to the issue at hand.  I chose the X Theme for my new theme.  Let me know what you think of the new look.  I’ll do my playing in my sandbox subdomain I created years ago.  I promise I’ll try to post more on my blog to keep you coming back…ha!

P.S.  In the middle of updating my website, my laptop died on me.  Sigh, this is going to take longer than I had planned for.  Oh well, it must be done now.  You know, I still love the one-page theme.  But sometime in the near(ish) future, I will probably be looking for a card or stack style theme.   I always like to do something a little different but cool.

P.S.S.  This is for anyone setting up the X Theme.  I renamed my blog page and could not get it to show up again on my menu.  Finally I found Admin > Settings > Reading > Front page displays and select static page.  On the Front Page drop down, choose your home page and on the Posts drop down, choose your blog page.